Towable Tubes

Towable Tubes

Water towable tubes are essential to a true watersport experience and family fun. We offer rides with inflatables of different sizes and shapes.

Sofas-you sit down inside of the towable. The sofas we use have seats with neoprene cushions and a low center of gravity. The result is the feeling of comfort and safety along with the excitement of gliding on the water. They are suitable for any age and the best option for young children. 

For more extreme experience, there is the Slider –flat inflatable where you lie on your chest and feel right into the action. The rider takes an active part and balance is crucial-ideal for thrill-seekers looking for a little bit of challenge. Here comes and the round tube or “the donut”. Definitely not the most comfortable or easy-to-learn option, but appealing in its own way. Bumping into one another and randomly changing directions has always been fun after all

All of our tubes are made of high-quality materials , and for professional use:

    • PVC waterproof bottom for better sliding,
    • Soft neoprene cover for comfort and protection against skin chaffing for the seats and in areas of high-rub,
    • Lots of safety handles for better grab.

At AQUARIDE safety is a top priority. Our captain has a lot of experience and holds all the required licenses. We always follow the manufacturer’s limits and specifications regarding the number of riders, the rope type, maximum size and weight, and recommended top speed. Everybody gets a life jacket and a few safety tips before going into the water.

The boat we use is a 225HP Poseidon Blue Water 640.It is reliable, made in 2020,properly equipped for towing, and meets all the legal requirements.

At the station you can always share with us your personal preferences and together, we will find the best option for you. Exciting, unforgettable, and yet safe, experience for everyone is what we are aiming for.